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10 Male K-Pop Idols Who Make Wearing Aprons Look Super Adorable And Classy



It’s quite odd to see some of your favorite male K-pop idols doing anything other than dancing on stage or singing in a music video, especially something as different as cooking. Can you imagine what some idols would look like with an apron wrapped around his body?

Check out the following list titled, "10 male K-pop idols who make wearing aprons look ridiculously adorable"

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we understand, that you’re not native Chinese~

we still love you, and Jackson still beside you to help~


Try embracing your cuteness first.

Anonymous asked: Hello! May I get a got7 reaction to their gf(you) falling asleep smiling while listening to your iPod and when they check to see what you're listening to it's got7's songs (I hope that makes sense...xc) Thanks♡ Love your blog!



Thank you! & yes this makes perfect sense ugh this is such a cute scenario ^,^

Jackson: This would give him an ego boost, even though he’s always acting silly he’d be so happy that you liked his hard work. "Huh, I knew she’d love it"

Youngjae: This cutie would cuddle up with you sneak a headphone and listen along with you smiling along. "Ah you’re so cute falling asleep like this"

Mark: He’d be so touched by the fact you’re listening to his music, when he see’s you smiling he would just melt. ”That’s my song? why is my baby so cute”

JB: He would just be so touched that you love his music enough to listen to it while sleeping. I think he’d be really cuddly that night. "I’m glad you like it my love"

Jr: I think he’d become a cute mess smiling and giggling to himself when he sees you. "heh Jagi you’re so silly"

Yugyeom: He’d be shocked at first

 but when he realises what’s going on and the fact that you’re smiling he would be in such a great mood "she’s so cute I’m glad she’s enjoying our music"

Bambam: I just see him fan-boying. ”OMG that’s my song…she’s really listening to it!!”

Anonymous asked: Got7 reaction where you are too busy playing video games to notice them walk in? Thank you~



Hello I hope you like it! Feel free to send in reactions/scenarios with other members/bands lets all mix it up a bit! ^.^

Jackson: He would not accept this he’d so whiny and would be yearning for your attention. He’d keep touching you and saying things to but he’d end up using his final weapon against you. "You can never resist this, I am Mr.Sexy after all"

Youngjae: I think as he’s naturally quite he wouldn’t be as forward as some of the other members. He might just sit near you watching you play the game you are done. "You know you’re pretty good at this game babe"

Mark: He would grab a controller and play along with you. "Babe quick cover me! we work so well together"

Jr: I think after Jackson he’d be the most needy. He’d be doing stupid things in front of you trying to get your attention. after you finish the game tease you about ignoring him."Was the game really worth ignoring me Jagi..you’re making me feel lonely over here"

JB: I think he’d be patient for a while waiting for you to finish so you can greet him but as you don’t I think he’d turn his charms on using cheesy lines and his smile to get your attention. ”Babe my lips are hurting can’t you put down your game for one minutes and kiss them better just for a minute?”

Yugyeom: He’d see what you’re playing and would be so confused so he’d ask a million questions finally getting your attention. "So he’s the bad guy..but he’s not really? ahhh right babe…"

Bambam: He’d see what you’re playing and play with you placing his arms around you to use your controller. ”I thought you said we’d play this game together babe..oh well I’m fine as long as I get to be like this with you”


Ron Weasley + Bloody Hell!

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Disney/Pixar miniature photoshoots by Kurt Moses

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